Keto Macro Calculator

We've created this calculator  for you to customize your own calorie and nutrition plan based on your goals, your current body weight and body-fat percentage. 

Not on a Ketogenic diet? No problem! In addition to the Keto Macro Calculator, we've also included an Intermittent Fasting calculator with specific carb timing. On this plan, you'll be cycling carbs only on workout days to replenish muscle glycogen , and then eating low carb / high fat on rest days to help keep body fat low. This will give you 2 calorie/macro goals - one for workout days and one for rest days.

On either plan, you can use the calculator for both bulking or cutting as it will calculate your calorie surplus / deficit depending on your goals. (Please note that there are 2 tabs, one for the SKD and the 2nd for IF )